About Us

Obcowanie z ludźmi jest równie wielką sztuką jak obcowanie ze statkami.
I ludzie, i statki żyją w niestałym żywiole, podlegają subtelnym i potężnym wpływom. I pragną, aby raczej zrozumieć ich zasługi niż się poznać na błędach.

Joseph Conrad

Kacze Bagno – Place of Positive Initiatives is a unique place on earth that was created out of the need of the heart, it is a space that allows you to discover and pursue your passions! Kacze Bagno is an independent center of education, animation and culture, created in a building that used to be an old barn, where various groups (youth and adults) come to have fun and learn together. It is a modern and original educational project, based on the assumptions of alternative pedagogy, social animation, sociotherapy and maritime youth education, which involves character development, personality development, organizational and interpersonal skills. It triggers initiatives, inspires, stimulates imagination, integrates, entertains and teaches. Our guests feel the satisfaction of a job well done, they learn to believe in themselves and they experience an adventure. They decide and create themselves, and WE – the Kaczy Bagno crew – accompany them in their actions, supporting their ideas and willingness.

We have the headquarters of two associations:

Social Animators Forum
Local Action Group Ziemia Lubawska
and two foundations:

Kacze Bagno Foundation – Place of Positive Initiatives
Psychoeducational Foundation ASPIRATION


Intensively, with passion, based on a group process, creatively, combining learning with fun.

In our work, it is important to: shape the characters of young people through teamwork, promote values such as tolerance, respect for others and work, a healthy lifestyle, helping others, courage and friendship. We want to develop motivation and ambition for the groups visiting us to undertake and materialize their own concepts.

We have many years of experience in working with young people, starting from the implementation of monthly Schools under Sail, through working for “demanding” young people from dysfunctional environments, ending with the implementation of activities as part of systemic projects of Social Welfare Centers. We implement EU projects, cooperate with schools, Social Welfare Centers, non-governmental organizations, orphanages, Social Integration Clubs for young people and other institutions dealing with working with and for people.

Guests of Kaczy Bagna can take advantage of a wide range of artistic, jugglery and development workshops, as well as workshops on interpersonal communication and team work. Workshops are held in small groups (8-15 people). The original educational program is based on the principles of informal education, i.e. learning through practice. No one tells our participants that they cannot get dirty or make mistakes, that they must be quiet, that they must not speak or cry. Here they can safely make mistakes and draw conclusions from them. Every day we meet in a circle and talk about the day’s program, what is happening in the group, participants make choices and influence what their day looks like. They come up with their own performances, fire performances, drum concerts, films, music videos, stilt walking shows and original songs. Our instructors support, motivate and follow the idea. Young people not only experience how much they can learn and do in a short time, but also develop their value system and strengthen it.

In Kaczy, we take care of our house-ship together. Groups have their own kitchen duties, set the table and clean up after meals. They learn how to organize work on this occasion and integrate while having fun together in the kitchen. The dimensions of education, joint work and fun in our activities are balanced and intertwined in almost every undertaking.